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Thirukuttralanatha Swamy Temple   

The temple is dedicated to Lord Thirukuttralanathar (Shiva). This temple contains many inscriptions about Chola and Pandya Kings. Less than a furlong from here is a small temple called Chitra Sabha (Hall of Pictures) dedicated to Lord Nataraja and decorated with paintings of rural deities and devotees,puranic stories and religious events. The sabha is one of the five Sabhas where Lord Nataraja performed the cosmic dance. 

Lord Thirukuttralanathar temple is surrounded by mountains and rivers which has placed it's name in the famous Thaevaram. The Lord Shiva only called as " Thirukuttralanathar "and the Amman is named as " Kuzhalal VaiMozhi ". This pilgrimage centre has a famous waterfalls in it known as Shivamathungai. This pilgrimage centre got its name since the famous poet "Agathiyar" worshipped here. Also it was well sung by almost all the community poet's. It has many sub-temples in Courtallam and they were maintained by the temple Devasthanam. The temples are as follows

ShenbagaDevi Amman Temple
Koothar Koil
ThirugnanaSambandar Koil (Pillaiyar Koil)
Courtalla NangaiKoil
AdiyaetumParaipanri Madaswamy Koil
AavaranapPillaiyar Koil
NannagaramPillaiyar Koil
ThittaiPillaiyar Koil
PasupathaSastha Koil
PaatapathuSastha Koil


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