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Courtallam hotels are fine accommodations that you can take advantage of if you want to enjoy Courtallam falls. Courtallam falls are known destinations for people who love to enjoy taking baths in falls. From Courtallam hotels, you can take an adventure trip to several falls aside from the main Courtallam falls. The main Courtallam falls is at the center of Courtallam which is huge and cascades water down the heights through the year. Other Courtallam falls that are of particular mention are tiger falls, five falls, milk falls, fruit garden falls, and honey falls. Hence, by staying in Courtallam hotels, you will be able to enjoy a lot of different Courtallam falls.

A variety of herbal and fruit shops with good medicinal items can be found near Courtallam falls. High season is from June till August, so expect a lot of other tourists to be competing for Courtallam hotels at this time of the year. Once the Courtallam hotels accommodations have been taken care of, the best way to reach the place for Courtallam falls is by train. You can get down at Thenkasi station and then take the bus directly to Courtallam hotels. There are many Courtallam hotels from where you can book a room to see Courtallam falls and you can stay in Courtallam hotels for seven days.

Courtallam hotels can be found around thirteen kilometers from Surandai. The town is dedicated to Siva and it is said in folklores that a saint has been sent by lord Siva to avoid an imbalance caused by overcrowding in mount Kailas, which is caused by his celestial wedding. So aside from the many Courtallam falls, it is easy to fall in love with the place because of its rich legends. And because of the various rivers that exist in the area, it is no wonder that Courtallam falls are so numerous. Aside from Courtallam hotels, Courtallam falls also attracted a lot of health resorts, which means that tourists who stay in Courtallam hotels will always have some pampering available.

The water in Courtallam falls is said to have medical properties because the water goes through forests composed of herbs. If you have physical ailments, then, staying in Courtallam hotels will not only let you enjoy world class treatment, it will also treat you as well. During the periods between June and September, Courtallam falls see more tourists and Courtallam hotels are always full. Tourists who stay in Courtallam hotels and bathe in the waters of Courtallam falls say that it has a smoothing effect which makes one feel younger. Even the pure breeze that blows on Courtallam falls is said to remove stress and tiredness from the body. It’s no wonder why Courtallam hotels are always booked.

Details of customary hotels and decent lodges are pointed down.


Name of the Hotel Phone No
Aryabhavan -
Mariyam 23236
Thavamani 22677
Hotel Tamil Nadu 22423,22663


Name of the Lodges Phone No
TenkasiCottage 22168
SenkottaiRoad Cottage 22346
MainFalls Cottage 22381
KurinjiVilla 22136
Pandiyan Lodge 22139
SivaNarayanan Lodge 22516
Barani Lodge 22529
Sankar Lodge 22496
Thalavai House 22827
T.V.K.House 22584
KumarTourist Home 23385
KrishnaTourist Home 23226

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